Gorealya Identity

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Gorealya is a Amsterdam based clothing brand needed a full identity that could be brought over diffrent platforms. With a logo that could be printed on there clothes to a webshop. The webshop is currently in build.

They describe themselfs as: "Gorealya is founded by three students in Amsterdam who had their own clothing style which didn’t match each other’s. They didn’t like each other at first at all until they began to know each other. By becoming friends they decided to begin their own clothing line. Because they both are born in 1992, which is the year of the ape, they decided do something with that. Gorealya is derived from “gorilla” and comes from their philosophy: don’t judge too quickly and be yourself. Feeling at home and being proud of Amsterdam, the capital of the Dutch people. They get their inspiration from the multi-cultural city, food, art, nature and music. Their own interpretation of style in combination with nostalgic aspects is the result of Gorealya."


    30 August 2014

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